Digital Signage, advertising, public relations in digital signage format


Digital Signage, advertising, public relations in digital signage format

Digital Signage is a digital sign that brings a new dimension to the advertising industry. and cause ordinary billboards to be used less
Because Digital Signage helps attract more consumers' attention and is also designed to improve
It also supports a wide range of media including text, graphics, video, and other content.
You can choose from a small screen to a giant video wall.

The Digital Signage Solution has many components, from Hardware to Software.
that work together for the best display performance and with the ability to display multiple media simultaneously
Therefore making it worthwhile for companies or businesses to take advantage of digital billboards. and most cost-effective

Digital Signage

is the most efficient system for managing public relations and advertising media.

Feature : Digital Signage

  • Media management service system and content creation system in one program
  • Create content, video files, audio files, images, and websites.
  • Freely arrange the layout of the display screen.
  • System management service from a central control center through the network system
  • Notify when the system has a problem via Line
  • Works on OS both Windows and Android.
  • Can work both online and offline.
  • Work summary report and notify of usage problems
  • Can add AI camera system to analyze users, number of users, gender, age, reactions, along with summary reports.

Benefits from using Digital Signage in business


  • Can display content in many formats (still images, animations, slideshows)
  • Can change a lot of content at the same time
  • Create display schedule separated from space freely
  • Reduce costs and content by being able to change content through the online system without limits.
  • Able to divide display zones in the same display area in various formats, content can be adjusted in Realtime.
  • Can bring news information (3th party) to show together.
  • Know the situation and alerts can be displayed in Realtime (reports or dashboards provided)
  • The system can evaluate the results of content viewers through the camera (number, age, gender, mood).
  • Supports Touch Screen system for Content interactive information"

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