Distar preamp, premic, bus, tour bus, truck, 24 volt power, 5 band preamp, 5 flat module preamp, model BE-500K


Clear sound, comfortable listening, worth more than the price, car pre-installation, car stereo, black, contrasting with gray letters. Supports car power with 24 V power. No need to use a power converter to 12v PRE MIC /PRE KARAOKE.


  • Genuine item with warranty card From Dystar Company.
  • The Martinz preamp is Digital-Echo Karaoke for connecting to any model of car preamp for singing with an Echo volume adjustment button and cutting the L/R vocals of the song while still maintaining the music sound. Suitable for the whole family for entertainment in cars, buses.
  • Pre Amp Line Driver 13.8 Volts Peak.
  • Stereo Input.
  • PWM Switching Power Suppy.
  • Digital Echo/Delay Time.
  • 2 Microphone Inputs.
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