Mini-Freedom bus entertainment screen system


Mini-Freedom bus entertainment screen system

Mini-Freedom is a personal entertainment system. Modeled after the big model Freedom.

Mini-Freedom will have the ability to watch movies and listen to music using data sharing from the server. by only 1 server
Data can be distributed on up to 15 screens with simple operations. Just the viewer can bring the Hardisksinv USB.
that has movie or music files, plug it into the server and plug in the internet aircard That's it for Mini-freedom's server.
It distributes information, movies, music and the internet to various screens. that is installed So that viewers can choose to watch at their own convenience on their personal screens.

• Supports AirCard (3G/4G USB AirCard/Dongle) and Wifi (2.4 GHz / 5GHz).
• Supports reading files from External HDD/SDD and USB Memory for data sharing.
• Supports connecting up to 15 independent entertainment screens simultaneously.
• Supports sending multimedia files in the form of movies, music, pictures or E-Books through the server in the car.
• Perfect modern design Easy to install, suitable for all types of cars. Supports DC power system: 9-18 volts.

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